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IMG_1278-smBreckenridge Colorado was originally spelled “Breckinridge” after John C. Breckinridge of Kentucky, Vice President of the United States. The town was created formally in November 1859 by General George E. Spencer. He hoped to flatter the government and get a post office in Breckinridge. Breckinridge got its post office, it was the first post office between Salt Lake City, Utah and the Continental Divide. When the Civil War started the former vice president sided with the Confederates so Breckinridge changed its name to Breckenridge. Melinda McCaw Media proudly offers customized Breckenridge web design services for businesses in the area.

Your business needs a website built by Melinda McCaw Media because it will help increase your business. A website built by Melinda McCaw Media is built with valid HTML and CSS. We custom build your website to specifically fit your unique business. A custom built WordPress site allows you to edit your site to meet your business needs. If you already have a website you should consider having Melinda McCaw Media rebuild it as a Custom WordPress theme that is customized to provide the functionality you need on your website.

Successful websites start with great design concepts and solid user interface design. At Melinda McCaw Media we start from scratch by figuring out the key features needed for your Breckenridge CO web design. During the design process we confer with you to decide what functionality to include as well as the look and feel of your website. Upon receiving final approval on the design we code the template from scratch customizing it exactly to your business needs. The template is installed on our development server, populated with your content and tested across multiple browsers before going live on your web hosting account.

Contemporary Breckenridge web design projects built by Melinda McCaw Media can successfully promote your business because it is built from the ground up using valid HTML and CSS and it is customized to fit your specific business needs.

Melinda McCaw Media custom built websites help increase your online business because they start with a solid concept that is built upon with valid HTML code. We aspire to provide your business with unprecedented quality, care and website customization options. To learn more about custom Breckenridge web design projects please use our contact form or call us at 720-935-3715.

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