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Why Flash on your website is BAD for business

Thursday, March, 23rd, 2017 at 7:11 am by Melinda McCaw

Adobe Flash has been a popular way to create animations for your website or even entire websites for quite some time. When I was taking web design courses Flash was a big part of our coursework. Today there is a push to kill Flash and remove it from the web. And with good reason.

I never imagined I would see the day that Flash not welcome on the web. That day has come. Below are some reasons why Flash is not a good technology for the web.

So why kill Flash?

  • Flash doesn’t work on many mobile devices – with the high percentage of mobile users out there surfing the web it makes sense to have a Flash-less website that all users can visit and gather information from.
  • Usability is not good in Flash – there are no back buttons and you can’t navigate a flash site with a touch screen, it doesn’t work.
  • Flash tends to load slowly – with so much mobile device use to search the internet and user tendency to be in a hurry to access content you need a website that loads fast.
  • Requires a plugin – in order to view Flash content you need the Flash Player plugin installed in your web browser. Typically this is already installed, but not always. Without that plugin you can’t see the Flash content.
  • Flash security flaws – over the years Flash has had many security risks come to light. In 2015 Mozilla blocked Flash on the Firefox browser until some security risks were fixed.
  • Flash is not good for SEO – a flash site doesn’t have separate page urls for each “page”. Content on a Flash based site is hard for the search engines to index for site ranking.

Those a few of the reasons you SHOULDN’T use Flash on your website. If your website is using Flash you need to find another alternative way to display your content on your website today. Everyday you have Flash on your site is another day that web users out there are missing out on your content and you are missing out on additional business.

Do you need help removing Flash from your website and replacing it with better content? Contact us today to help you fix this issue on your website.