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What’s in a good website maintenance plan

Thursday, March, 9th, 2017 at 6:34 am by Melinda McCaw

Website maintenance may seem like  a task that isn’t really important to your business, however it is a very important piece to your business. A poorly maintained website reflects poorly on you and your business and gives the impression that your business is unprofessional, sloppy and isn’t up with the times.

Today I am sharing some quick bullet points of what to include in your website maintenance plan.

What to include in a good website maintenance plan:

  • Refresh your website content on a regular basis.
    • Search engines check to see when your web pages were last modified to determine if your site is worth crawling. Not having fresh new content on your site regularly could affect your search engine rankings and move you below your competitors in the search engines. Over time this could affect your business negatively.
  • Check for any broken links
    • Broken links that don’t take your site visitors to where they are supposed to isn’t good for your business image. It will portray you as less than an expert in your field. Visitors will quickly leave when they can’t find the information they are looking for. Here is a free broken link checker tool I found in a quick Google search for “broken link checker”: Run your website through a broken link checker and see if you have any broken links you need to fix.
  • Test your contact forms to make sure they are working properly
    • It is a good practice to send test messages through all of your website contact forms at least once a month to make sure they are working correctly. If potential clients are sending you messages via these forms and you aren’t receiving them they may take their business elsewhere.
  • Check to make sure your contact info is up to date
    • Look through your website to make sure everywhere your phone number, email or business address is listed is the correct information. If people are unable to reach you they may go elsewhere and you will lose out on business.
  • Check to make sure your products or services that are listed are correct
    • Incorrect information about the products and services you offer can lead to visitors misunderstanding what you offer. It is good practice to check to make sure this information is correct and up to date.
  • Make sure prices listed are correct
    • If you list prices on your website you need to make sure the listed prices are correct.
  • Check to make sure that there are no errors
  • Fix any misspelled words and poor grammar
    • Misspellings and grammar mistakes will reflect poorly on you as an expert in your field. Make sure you fix any mistakes as quickly as possible.
  • Routine backups of your site files and database
    • Sometimes things break on your website and unfortunately there are hackers out there as well. To help protect your website it is a really good idea to make frequent regular backups of your site database (if you have one and all files on your site). Many web hosts offer backups as part of the service. Make sure you have a backup system in place that is frequent and regular.
  • Updating your website software
    • If your website is built upon a CMS (content management system – examples include WordPress and Joomla) it most likely has regular and maybe even frequent updates that are released for it. Those updates include upgrades but oftentimes they also includes fixes to bugs/issues that have been discovered. It is good practice to keep your website platforms software up to date.
  • Updating plugins in use on your website
    • If you use any plugins on your website the same is true. Most good plugins are updated on a regular basis and these updates often includes fixes for some bug that has been discovered. You should update your plugins anytime an update is available.

Now it’s your turn. Go check out your website and make sure it is in great shape. Add a recurring reminder to your calendar for website maintenance.  Thanks for reading! Please share this article with anyone you feel it would benefit.