4 things that will make you go mmm… about web design

mmm... web design by Melinda McCaw Media heading graphic. mmm... it just keeps getting better.

Fully responsive web design is one thing that makes us go mmm… and we are the ones doing it. We build sleek, responsive websites for companies all over Colorado. Thousands of people everyday are beginning to feel the effects of mmm… Cutting edge campgrounds, home and construction service companies, non-profits, and everyone else who uses a website built by Melinda McCaw Media will agree. mmm… is making every part of web design tastier, mobile friendlier, and down right awesome.

If you’re still not sure, here are 4 solid reasons why you need to tap into the power of mmm…

1. mmm… Mobile-friendly & fully-responsive Web Design

If you are unfamiliar with these terms refer to this blog post. In addition, if you have a small business of your own and you aren’t sure if this applies to your company’s website, you need to find out now. As of the beginning of 2016 Google, the largest search engine on the planet, declared that a Web Design that is not mobile friendly, will be negatively affected by searches. Mobile friendly websites will take precedence in google searches from that point on. This can be negatively impacting on your business and your digital presence on the web.

If your site is not mobile friendly this is affecting your ranking. Considering your website is the very first image many potential customers/clients see of your business, it is very important that your website is mobile friendly and responsive. At Melinda McCaw Media we build mobile friendly websites. In particular, our websites are built fully-responsive in that they have the same content whatever the screen size. Then through a screen resolution query, display the information in a slightly different order or resolution to accommodate all screen sizes. This includes an HDTV at full resolution, down to your cell phone. This allows you to edit your content once, and push that content to multiple screen sizes. Our websites also undergo rigorous testing for speed, load time, and mobile responsiveness on multiple platforms. To make sure that your website will display on various phones, tablets, web browsers and computer types.

2. mmm… Quality Web Design

Websites created at Melinda McCaw Media will mostly certainly make you and your customers say mmm… nice website. This is due to the fact that we take the extra time to ensure quality and extra attention to details.

3. mmm… Customization

Everything we build at Melinda McCaw Media is fully custom. Specifically, we start with a mockup of your potential homepage web design and give attention to every detail. Furthermore we build the best online tools and use the latest in software and design standards to give you a custom site down to the pixel.

4. mmm… Support

Melinda McCaw Media is always there for your support needs. We are in the age of technology and each time that technology increases or updates there is a potential for something to change. You don’t want content to display something differently than it was originally intended. Alternatively, we can fix those issues, make updates or upgrades, and do it all with time and quality in mind.

mmm… I like the sound of that and you will too. Get in touch with us today or anytime to discuss the future of your business on the web and how we can guarantee an amazing return on your investment.

In other words, mmm… Melinda McCaw Media makes great websites. Contact Us to learn more