How to use color to define your company’s brand

Solid branding should be able to convey your message in any color, first and foremost in black and white. But what about making branding color choices after your logo looks good in a single color?

We’re going to delve into color choices for your company’s brand and try to help you pick the perfect combination.

Warm Colors

Red – Sometimes called a stop color, red can be associated with heat, warmth, fire and potentially aggression. Yet, red is also associate with passion and love. According to the Color Wheel Pro “Red brings text and images to the foreground.” Using it as an accent color can stimulate people to make quick decisions. Furthermore, red can be used to promote strength and vitality. Using red in your branding color is a good idea if you are promoting rigorous sports, motorsports or other boisterous loud or raw imagery. Here are some good examples of logos using red.

Red branding color examples.

Orange – On the other hand orange may be a good decision to make if you want some of the warmth and exuberance of red combined with the happiness and joy from yellow. The Color Orange can be an upbeat decision that is a bit more universal than red for branding color choices. Here’s some good examples.

Orange branding color examples

Cooler Branding Color Choices

Blue – Considered the most internationally safe and unoffensive color choice is blue. Using blue in your branding can be a wise decision. Specifically, blue as a branding color can instill trust, loyalty, and confidence. Over 70% of our great earth is covered in blue. Accordingly, the color blue is great for cleaning products or anything involving water.

Blue logos as an example

Green – Earth and Nature are heavily associated with the color green. Using green in your branding color can give a sense that you care for nature and it’s preservation. The color green is also affiliated with money. Therefore, lending or finance companies can benefit from the use of green in their logos as well. Lastly, green isn’t reserved for the nature based companies of the world. It can be used in many settings with great reception of all.

Green company branding color choices

In conclusion, branding colors aren’t something to be taken lightly. They should be carefully decided upon to reflect your company’s goals and business model. The above examples merely scrape the surface of colors and their meanings. Be sure to do your research when making your company’s branding color choice, then stick with it. Branding is a powerful thing and is the first thing people correlate with your business. You can make it stand out with the correct color choices, and make it last with their thoughtful placement.

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