If your website doesn’t have a “Meet the Team” page you are missing out on potential business and making new connections through your business. A “Meet the Team” page is an essential part of your website. In fact websites that do have a “Meet the Team” page report that it is one of the top visited pages on their website.

So why is that the case?

People do business with those that they know like and trust. A “Meet the Team” page helps potential clients get to the point of knowing, liking and trusting you.

Reasons why a “Meet the Team” page is a very good idea on your website

  • People like to know who makes up your company/team and more about each team member
  • Humans like to see a familiar face, it makes them feel more at ease when they meet with you or you show up at their home or office.
  • Can help website users find the correct person to speak to
  • It’s a great page to show off your team and their talents
  • It shows that there are real people working for your company. This can help the potential client feel more comfortable hiring you.
  • You’re business becomes more personable to the potential client
  • Establishes that you are a legit company
  • Helps create a personal connection which is necessary when deciding to contact your business or not
  • Increases your website visits

Tips for a Meet the team page

  • Personalize it
    • Include a short bio and a photo.
    • Make the bio fun, maybe share a fun fact about each team member or hobbies, etc.
    • Consider adding social media links such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook depending upon your company and its personality.
    • Use a personal photo to show the team members personality
  • Show off team members accomplishments
    • This helps show the potential client what you are capable of and  why they should hire you instead of another company.
    • Builds up your team members while making them feel great about themselves
  • Include a “What the rest of the team says about team member X”… section for each team member
    • Ask each team member to provide quotes about each team member that highlights their values, skills, work ethic, etc.
  • Make an individual page for each team member as well as an overall “Meet the Team” page
    • This will help you rank in search engines when a specific name is searched for. When all team members are on one page Google doesn’t know which name to rank that page for.

So get busy and add a “Meet the Team” page to your website and see what a difference it can make for your business in the future. I know I need to follow this advice and get this added to our website as soon as I can. 🙂