What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is the standard security technology that is used to create an encrypted link between a browser and a server. A certificate is required on your web server in order to create a secure connection.

Why does my website need SSL?

  1. SEO benefits – Google now gives sites with an SSL certificate a slight boost in their SEO rankings.
  2. To protect your site visitors. It is especially important to have SSL if you have a shopping cart on your site or any login pages on your site. Unencrypted pages are really dangerous because they allow attackers to intercept your passwords and sensitive data as it moves across the network.

What Google is doing about it?

Google is increasing its efforts to encourage all websites to have SSL on them. In January of 2017 with the launch of Chrome 56 all login pages that don’t have SSL are now marked as “not secure”. The words “not secure” are now shown in a window beside the address bar.

Screenshot from Google of how the warning appears on sites that aren’t secure.

As Chrome continues to update the warning will eventually become a lot more evident and bold in telling site visitors that your site is not safe. Here is a screenshot of how it will eventually look. They will eventually mark the page with a red warning triangle and red “Not secure” text. If you don’t want to scare away your website visitors it is recommended that you add SSL to your website.

Need help adding security to your website?

Do you need help adding an SSL certificate to your website? The process of adding ssl to your website is fairly easy, however some of the steps can be confusing. If you need help contact us today to add security to your website.