Social media has become ingrained in our everyday lifestyle. Almost every business is on some or all platforms of social media. The wave of social media is riding high and has no indication of slowing down. So here is why your business should be on the social media train.

Connection to your customers using Social Media

There has been a sharp increase of social media users all of the world. More and more age groups are participating the social media boom. It has become a standard place for businesses to keep in contact and advertise. One of the best ways for customers to recognize your business and keep them in mind is to have them follow you on a social media page. If you keep your content updated, there will be traffic to your website, to your pages, and the word will spread about the business. This keeps the customers engaged with your business through this platform, and is a great way to improve your brand loyalty.


When people constantly see content from your company with your name and logo attached, your brand becomes more recognizable. This is important for the loyalty of customers, the spread of your business, and the word of mouth from your customers. You can’t recommend a business you can’t remember. If someone happens to come across your business, they can follow you on social media platforms. As you post content, your followers will see it and will remember who you are and what you do.

Your voice

This gives you as a company a platform to amplify the voice and the attitude of the business. The branding and the website embody the voice of your company. However with the social media, you can use that voice to speak. The more the business can speak, the more it can resonate with customers personally. When you resonate with customers, brand loyalty becomes even stronger. You are given the opportunity to have your company act almost like a singular person. Which is a good thing because we all know that People have a much easier time relating to that than a faceless company. People connect to people, and that is what social media is all about.


When there is a business that has been on social media for a long time, they tend to already gain followers and likes, shares, etc.  Highly reviewed businesses on yelp or google, automatically tend to give more credibility to the company. The same applies now with social media platforms. The more people like and interact with the company on these platforms, the easier it is to gain the trust of the new customers coming in. It’s a much easier way to not only build an online presence and following, but to show people that you are something that is worth following.


Now let’s talk advertising. People are very used to seeing advertisements everywhere nowadays. Going through social media, the amount of ad revenue and traffic to your site can be enormous if done correctly.

Advertisements have always needed to be compelling in order for people to go out and buy the product. This is even more important now that all your customer needs to do is click. The beautiful thing through social media advertising is the way it can target. Now you are not just buying ad space for a top banner that will be on some random news site. You are buying an ad for your company that will show up to the exact demographic you want it to.

Colorado based? Show ads to just your area. Specific age group? Show ads to just those people. You won’t alienate an audience because if you’ve done your research, you should know who you are marketing to. The ads will tell you if they are working or not by the amount of clicks, time spent on them, and how many actually visit the site. If it isn’t working, you will know right away.

You will be found easier

The more social media platforms you are on and are engaged with, the higher your company will be on that google search. The biggest brands and businesses are very active on social media, and that is something that search engines are now accounting for. It is becoming less about the right meta descriptions and keywords from your website, but how many places you appear, and who mentions you there. Traffic will create more traffic, and you need to be upstream to get noticed.

The boiled down version of all of this is that social media is a very powerful instrument that cannot be overlooked. Facebook, instagram and twitter are not going anywhere soon, and they are becoming industry standard. Twitter is not very active around this area, but internationally is huge. It will create brand recognition and institute loyalty. It will help traffic move to your site and your services, while being the top hits on search engines.

Advertising is much easier and more effective, with the ability to target and change instantly. It gives you higher credibility and a relationship with your customers, which is becoming more important. Not only that, but it gives your company a voice that customers can relate to, which creates much more loyalty than could ever be had before. Social media isn’t slowing down, and the sooner you jump on, the better off you will be.

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