Purchasing a domain name

In an earlier post we learned that a domain name is necessary to put a website online. Today I will show you how to purchase one. This process is very simple and easy to do.

Where to purchase

You may be asking “Where do I purchase a domain name?” There are many places you can purchase a domain name. A simple way to find out where is to simply go to your web browser and type “purchase domain name” into the search console. You will find a lot of options out there. I don’t know all of the places to purchase names or how they all compare. The 2 places I like to use are Google and GoDaddy.

How to purchase

For this tutorial I will be using Google Domains in my example on how to purchase a name.

1) Once you have figured out where you want to purchase your domain name simply go to that website (for example: domains.google.com)

2) Type the name you wish to purchase into the search bar on their website to see if it is available to purchase.

Domain Name Search

3) If the name you searched for is available it will be shown as available. Simply add it to your cart or choose to purchase it. Each website you purchase from varies in how you add it to your cart.

Domain Name Selection

4) Follow the prompts of the website you are purchasing from to complete the purchase. There will most likely be a form you need to fill out as part of the purchase.

Purchase domain name


Fill out form to purchase domain name

You’re done! That’s all there is to it. Now go build your new website or find a web designer/developer to build it for you.

Do you need help?

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