Installing analytics on your website is very important to growing your business. With this installed you can learn a lot about your clients and potential clients. It allows you see what is or isn’t working for converting visitors to customers. Knowing what isn’t working allows you to change it to something that is working. So why should I install it on my website?

7 Reasons to install Google Analytics on your website

  • How much traffic visits your site?
    • With analytics you can see how many visitors are coming to your site. Once you measure this initially you will have a place to measure against to see if your site traffic is growing or not. This allows you to learn whether or not the strategies for growth are working.
  • Visitor demographics
    • You can learn more about your visitors , their gender, age and location. This is helpful when working to tailor your website content to your target audience.
  • See visitor engagement
    • What did visitors do while on your site? How long did they stay on a page? Which pages did they visit? What page were they on when they left your site? This information is available and helps you know what to edit. Showing you how make the user experience on your website better.
  • How visitors view your site
    • You can see what browsers or mobile devices your site visitors are using. It helps you to make sure your site is user friendly.
  • Where are your visitors coming from?
    • This tells you how people found your site. Did they click an ad campaign in Facebook or another social media platform? Maybe they clicked a paid ad. Or maybe an email campaign. This info helps you learn what is working.
  • Site visitors interests
    • Another piece of data you can see is what other things your users are interested in. This could be helpful when deciding what content to add to your site or social media platforms. You could see their other interests and write content more relevant to them.
  • Track your conversion rate
    • You can see what your conversion rate is and even the amount of revenue by page. This helps you understand what paths to conversion are working and then re-use the strategy elsewhere.

How to get Google Analytics

Now that you know why Google Analytics is important let’s talk about how to get it. Getting Google Analytics is a very simple process. Here is a 4 step process.

  • Step 1 – Sign up for a Google Analytics account. It’s free. Use your business email address to set it up.
  • Step 2 – Find the “Admin” tab. Under this tab click the “Add Property” button. You can choose between Universal and Classic for the type of analytics. They are both very similar, Universal is the newest.
  • Step 3 – Now you need to get your tracking code. To find the code go to Admin > Account > Property > Tracking Info > Tracking Code
  • Step 4 – Copy your tracking code

How to install it

Now that you have your tracking code you need to install it on your web pages. Place the code before the </head> tag on each of your web pages. Note: It can take time for Google to start pulling in data from your website; up to 24 hours. If you aren’t seeing any data after 48 hours you need to check your code to make sure it is installed properly and the correct code.

Do you find this process confusing and need help? Contact Melinda McCaw Media today. We can help you properly install Google Analytics on your website.