Get your website online

In order to put a website online there are a few things you need or need to do first. Today I am going to share what steps you need to take to get a website and put it online.

Domain Name

A domain name is a very important piece to having a website. Without a domain name you can’t have a website. A domain name is the address for your website online. For example is a domain name. It is the name/address that must be entered in a browser window to pull up your website. Make sure that you choose a good domain name for your website. It is important to have a good domain name that is easy to remember. To find out if your desired domain name is available search availability on the GoDaddy website.

Search available domain names to help choose a domain name and get your website online

Web Hosting

Without web hosting your website won’t be live on the internet. Hosting is a very important part of the puzzle. Web hosting is essentially a server that you put your website files and database on that then serves up the data to the internet. There are all types of web hosting available. And a wide variety of price ranges for the cost of web hosting.

Choose your platform

There are so many different platforms available today for building your website. It can be mind boggling just figuring out which platform to use. I am not going to name all of the but just mention a few of the popular options. Whatever you do be sure that your website is built using a CMS (Content Management System). A CMS is connected to a database and much easier to make updates to. Some of the popular options available today include: WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace and Joomla.
There are many pros and cons of each platform. Today I will not go into the pro’s and con’s. That is a separate post that is for another day. Until then if you Google those platforms and their pros or cons you should find plenty of information to help you decide. I will tell you that from my experience building websites my preference and the only way we build sites is using WordPress.

Decide who will build your website

Now that you have a domain name, hosting and have chosen your platform a question remains. Who is going to build your website? Did you choose a platform that is drag and drop, are you building it? Do you know html/css enough to build something custom? Or will you hire a designer/developer to design and build your site? There are pro’s and con’s to either decision. Hiring someone will cost more however it could save you hours and hours of frustration if you don’t know anything about building a website. Using a drag and drop interface will save you money but may cost you time as you figure out how to use the drag and drop interface.
The above 4 things are important pieces to getting your website online. I hope the information above is helpful to you. These are just a few things important to getting a website put online. In a future post I will share some other important items necessary when building a website. Stay tuned.

Need help building your website?

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