How Murf Does Web Design

Hello everybody!

I just wanted to share my process for web design and development. This is a short clip just 1.5 minutes timlapse of an hour of development time on a recent project. Mays Construction Specialties Inc. is our newest build to date. We aren’t even live on it yet.

Web Design Environment

We do all of our coding currently in the Cloud9 IDE or It’s completely cloud based so we can work from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. Cloud 9 allows us to use a virtual machine online to do all testing and development. Javascript, PHP, CSS, HTML, the list goes on. At Melinda McCaw Media we do primarily PHP wrapped html and use a SASS compiler to write all of our CSS. It’s crazy stuff even for us.

Mocks & Prototyping

This is very much a process in which we are still growing and advancing. We currently use Photoshop to build desktop website Mocks and we upload them to InvisionApp via the Craft plugin. Doing this gives us live updating to the mock so that the client can interact with it, leave comments and ultimately perfect it before we begin to code.

We may soon be moving to Adobe XD and using their built in sharing capabilities to do the same thing. Invision has dropped Craft support for Windows. Melinda McCaw Media is a multiple technology company and we refuse to be restricted based on the operating system of our machines. I use a mac at Melinda McCaw Media for all my design and development, but use a PC on the road as my mobile and at-home machine. So unfortunately Invision, this no longer works for us, but that’s enough calling out of the InvisionApp’s short comings. We don’t need a interwebs battle up in here.

Without Further Ado


That’s all folks! It’s pretty impressive to watch in a time lapse. Now if I could only code like that in real time. I’m pretty sure my finger tips would melt and my brain would burst into flames.