Reflecting on 2017

As I am reflecting on the past year many great memories flash across the canvas of my mind. This past year has been a great year indeed! Filled with lots of fun adventures and challenges. It’s good to look back and remember all that happened in the past year. There were the numerous backpacking adventures, the flight in a C-130 and the many awesome projects we worked on together. We have had an amazing year here at Melinda McCaw Media. With great excitement we look forward to 2018 and what it brings.

In 2017 we designed and built 35+ websites. All of them unique and awesome. Our team grew by 1 then shrunk by 2. Then we added 2 more team members. We’ve explored the mountains of Colorado in all types of weather, had sleepless nights dreaming code and enjoyed time off with family and friends. Its’ been a very busy year and as we reflect back on all that has happened we are deeply grateful.

We are grateful for all of our amazing clients and that we were able to help them with their projects. The gratitude continues as we remember our family and friends and how they supported us this past year. Gratitude goes out to each team member for their contribution this past year. Thank you all for being a part of the Melinda McCaw Media family this past year. For allowing us to help you. May the new year bring with it lots of excitement and adventure and may you reach your goals in 2018.

Need help in 2018?

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