Adobe XD

Adobe’s Experience Design program is growing fast. We use it for every custom website design we do at Melinda McCaw Media. That’s because we custom design and code nearly everything you see. The only way to pin down how the design of your new website is by creating a visual “mockup” of how it will look after being build with code.

Public Links

Public links in Adobe XD are a great way to share a mockup with you and your team. You can get a feel down to within a few pixels of what your final design will look like. The link will look something like this:’s This one doesn’t go anywhere, but you get the picture.

Browser View of Adobe XD Mock

So once you click on the link we have sent you in your email your default browser (hopefully not internet explorer) will open the mockup viewing software. Within it you can view the single Home page, or several pages depending on how involved the mockup is. Once there is more than one page, there will be some prototyping that will be integrated to give you a feel for how some of the links will work and the extra pages they go to. But for now let’s just say you received a home page mockup. There will be buttons to take you to full screen mode(no comments sidebar) and the way to exit this mode is to hit the ESC key on your keyboard. ***side note: this is a link designed to be viewed on your desktop device. Viewing on a mobile device will give you an extremely warped and shrunken view of your desktop mockup.*** If you would like to leave comments, first click the comment icon (looks like a text bubble) then sign in as guest. Once you have created a guest user, simply create a comment, click on the pin icon and then click where you want the comment orb to show up, then click submit. Easy peezy? If you’re having a hard time, check out the video below for help. If not you can always call us at: 720.935.3715 or email us at [email protected].

Video Tutorial