Reflect on our Awesome summer!

The past summer has been amazing and filled with adventure. In this fall season we are taking some time out to reflect on the amazing adventures we had as a family. And to rest up for the coming winter adventures.!! This doesn’t mean we are just sitting on the couch twiddling our thumbs. It just means we are staying close to home on the weekends the next few weeks and taking a break from traveling.

Some downhill fun

This last weekend we still got out for some fun. We were having so much fun on Saturday that I didn’t get any pictures to share.

Saturday afternoon we loaded up our mountain bikes and headed to the 18 Road trails in Fruita. The trails out at 18 Road trailhead are super fun, smooth and flowy. We took along a shuttle driver and got in a couple of downhill laps with the kids. It was a blast!

The trail we rode is named Kessel Run. It is a fun roly poly beginner trail. The best way to ride it is downhill. We sometimes just shuttle to the top and then ride down, then go back up and repeat. It is a really fun Saturday afternoon activity with the kids to get them excited about mountain biking and practice their bike handling skills.

Running and thinking

Sunday I decided to get out for a training run. I am training for a half marathon in November and working on building up the miles. I had a great run out at the Lunch Loops trails in Grand Junction. Getting out to run is a great time to reflect and think about things. Sunday was run was no exception. I had an amazing time just running, looking at scenery, thinking and listening to great music.

The run ended up being 9.6 miles and provided plenty of time to replay memories made over this past summer. As well as get in some good training miles on the legs. It is good for your sole to take time for yourself. I highly recommend getting out for exercise and time to be by yourself to think and remember.

Here are a few pictures of the scenery from Sunday to enjoy. Click on the images to pop up a larger version.