Birthday Surprises

Last weekend was full of surprises. The first surprise was for my husband. It was his 40th birthday, I couldn’t let that go by unnoticed. I thought it would be fun to invite all of his riding buddies to meet us in Winter Park, CO for the day to ride downhill bikes with him. The first challenge was to convince him to take the day off from work and go riding at Winter Park. And to do this without making him suspicious. Luckily he had a vacation day left so convincing wasn’t too hard.

During the weeks leading up to his birthday I contacted all of his riding buddies and invited them to meet us at Winter Park for the day. In the end I was able to get 3 friends to meet us last Friday for the day. Included in the plans was dinner afterwards complete with pie and ice cream after our day of riding.

The plan was to ride until lifts closed at 7 pm and then head to our campsite for dinner and celebration. This timing was supposed to give those coming from Denver after work on Friday enough time to get up there to join us for dinner. Mother nature had other ideas. At about 3:30 my parents arrived and picked up our daughter. I was excited to get out for a few runs with the group before the lifts closed. Meeting up with my husband and friends we headed up the mountain to get in a few runs.

Mother nature’s surprises

Mother nature had more surprises in store however. As we rode up the chairlift we could see the rainstorm moving in. Ugh… By the time we arrived at the top it had started to sprinkle on us. Seeing how fast the storm was moving we waited in the lodge for the storm to pass. We were very glad that we did. Within a few minutes the sky opened up and let loose. It was good to be inside. Within a few more minutes it let up and we decided this was our window to get down the mountain.

The ride down to the base was very chilly and wet and slippery. We decided to avoid any trails with wood features. Riding across wet wood is not recommended. As fast as we could we rode down the trail to the base of the resort. Everyone and their bikes were covered in mud. Head to toe. We stopped at the bike wash station. We hosed down everything, bikes and people. Brrrrr……. that was chilly.

Plan B

More surprises continued. Since we were soaked and the lifts were closed due to the thunder and lightning our riding day was over. We headed to our cars to find dry clothes to change into and load up our bikes. Being that the rain ended our day early and my parents were there I had to tell my husband what we were planning. We quickly changed our venue from our campsite to the park in Winter Park, CO as they had a covered space we could use to eat dinner together.

Changing into warm dry clothes we headed to the park. There we all had a good time visiting and eating yummy food. Dinner included home made cherry pie, apple pie and ice cream.

Rain, rain and more rain surprises

Friday night after after tucking into our sleeping bags it started raining again. The rain continued most of the night and into Saturday morning with very little letup until about noon. The rain put a damper on our riding plans for the day. Finally at about noon the rain stopped. Grey skies continued but no more rain fell the remainder of the weekend!

Colorado Freeride Festival

The Colorado Freeride Festival was taking place last weekend at Winter Park Resort as well. We enjoyed watching the various events going on such as the trials rider Aurélien Fontenoy and the Slopestyle competition.

Drying out

That evening we had a great time roasting hot dogs and hanging out by the campfire. My feet were once again soaked from our afternoon trail run. I decided to try drying my shoes by the fire. It worked really well! I was able to dry out my running shoes and biking shoes before going to bed that night. I am pretty sure my feet spent more time in soggy shoes this last weekend than they did in dry shoes. Dry socks and shoes are such a wonderful thing!

Here are some images from our weekend for you to enjoy.


The weekend is over and we are back at work busy building cool new websites for our clients. If you need help building a new website or redesigning your existing website contact us.