Trail run event missed

As you know from following my posts I have been training for the Moab Trail Half Marathon a trail run event. You may be wondering how it was and how I did. The event was a week ago on Sunday, November 5, however I didn’t participate. Life happened and last Tuesday I succumbed to the sickness that had hit everyone else in the household. Needless to say I spent last Sunday laying in bed, miserable and trying to sleep it off.

I spent last week thinking I would recover and be able to run. Unfortunately that isn’t how it worked out. I was tempted to run anyways however the one thing I have learned in the recent years from experience is this. When your body is telling you to rest you need to listen and heed the warning. This time I listened and rested.

Lucky for me I have gotten a lot of rest this past week and I am feeling much better again. Friday I got out for my second short run for the week to ease back into running. It was wonderful to be back out on the trails. The weather was perfect. It was just there right temperature for a trail run. To top it off I got out for a run just before sunset. I enjoyed a beautiful sunset as I got in a trail run. It was the perfect end to an amazing day and week!

Sunset pictures from the trail

Here are some pictures from my run at sunset. Enjoy!

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