Explore Colorado

Last weekend our mission became to explore more of Colorado. It was an amazing weekend and so much fun! We stayed home for the weekend and did more driving than we do on a typical weekend. My parents were in town so we got to share some new places with them at the same time!

Adventure 1 – Explore Crystal Mill

Starting on Saturday we decided to explore Crystal Mill. I had never seen it except in books and it looked like a prime place to photograph. That afternoon we drove up to Marble, CO. From Marble we headed out to Crystal Mill. The drive was not your normal drive and left us wanting a smaller wheel based vehicle. I was a bit white knuckled for the drive from Marble to Crystal Mill. Why?

The road from Marble, CO to Crystal Mill is a very narrow shelf road that is 4-wheel drive access only. We have a Toyota Sequoia. Not a terrible vehicle but a little wide and a longer wheel base than is desirable for this type of activity. On the way to Crystal Mill I was on the passenger side of the vehicle and it felt like I was on the very edge of the road about to slide off the road. Thankfully my husband is a very skilled driver and we had no issues going out or back. At one point as I looked down to the creek below I saw a smashed up very old truck. It looked as if it had tumbled down off of the road. I tried not to think about that as we drove by above.

Arriving at the mill we took time to take photographs of the mill and surroundings. It is so beautiful there and I took a lot of time to photograph it. Thankfully my family hung out and allowed me the time to photograph all of the angles I found to photograph from.

Crystal Mill photos to explore

Here are some photos from Crystal Mill.

Adventure 2 – Explore Columbine Lake

Being that it was Labor Day weekend we stayed home to explore some normal chores, deciding to do some more exploration on Monday. Monday came bright and early. We were on the road at 6:15 am. We wanted to get an early start on our hike for the day. The plan was to hike the Columbine Lake trail that starts off of highway 550  below the summit of Red Mountain Pass on the Silverton, CO side of the pass.

From the start the hike was steep and strenuous. It took us a while to hike the 3.4 miles to Columbine Lake. It was so worth it. Along the hike we were rewarded with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and amazing wild flowers. Arriving at Columbine Lake our breath was taken away by the beauty of the lake. The lake is a deep turquoise blue. It is so beautiful, I am still blown away by how blue it is.

Words can’t describe how beautiful it is up there so I will share some photos.

Columbine Lake hike photos to explore

Adventure 3 – Explore Animas Forks

My parents and daughter had never seen Animas Forks, CO so our next stop was Animas Forks. Animas Forks is an old mining ghost town above Silverton, CO. The first cabin was built in 1873, it became a busy mining community by 1876 with 30 cabins, a hotel, a saloon, a post office and a general store.

My family once again was kind enough to humor me and allow me time to take photographs. Here are some to enjoy.

Animas Forks photos to explore

Watch to see what we explore next

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