Mastermind Adventure

This past November I became a member of Hal Elrod’s Quantum Leap Mastermind. This is a new experience for me this year. Last week we had our first QLM retreat in Lakeway, Texas at the Lakeway Spa & Resort. I spent Tuesday through Thursday participating in a mastermind with other like minded entrepreneurs. My intention was to come with an open mind and soak up all of the knowledge being shared like a sponge. I had a little adventure before the mastermind started.

A little exercise

Upon arrival on Monday afternoon I had a little adventure of my own to start out the week. My diet is a plant based, gluten-free diet and I had decided to bring my own breakfast food in my suitcase. There was one thing I couldn’t bring though, almond milk. Arriving at the resort I was wanting some exercise and decided to see how close a grocery store was. Google said 2.4 miles. Round trip 4.8 miles. Not problem. I started Google Maps to give me directions. Off I went excited to be out getting exercise and exploring the area a little.

As I finished the first 2.4 miles of the run I discovered I had another 1.4 miles to go. Google maps had mislead me. Not to be deterred I kept running. I had come this far and wasn’t going to turn back now. Continuing my run I arrived at the grocery store, purchased my milk and decided to stop for a quick bite to eat before running back to the resort. I had spied a Thai restaurant on the way out and I was hungry. Stopping I enjoyed some fresh spring rolls with tofu and peanut sauce. Continuing my run back I discovered it was now very dark, there were very few street lights. I decided I needed to use the flashlight on my phone as well as Google maps to guide me back.

Dead Battery

The first 1.4 miles were uneventful, however a little slow as the light wasn’t great. All was going great. I thought I was on the right path. Unknown to me I had missed my turn. I had come up a side path on my way out in the light and didn’t realize that there was a turn I needed to make. And I didn’t know there were 2 roads with very similar names. The road I needed to be on after the first 1.5 miles or so was Lakeway Drive. I was now on Lakeway Boulevard. Google maps kept telling me to do a u-turn which didn’t make sense to me because I was on Lakeway Boulevard and I thought that was the name of the road. As I made my way up the hill the battery in my phone suddenly died, it had a dead battery, leaving me in the pitch black and without a map.

Lost in the dark

Going a little further I finally decided that maybe I was going the wrong direction. I went to a nearby house to ask directions. To my disappointment I discovered that I had gone past my turn about a mile earlier. Starting back the way I came and filled with disappointment and a little fear I began to freak out just a little bit. Here I was a female, by myself in the dark with no phone in a place I had never been to before. AAAHHHHHH!!!!! What was I going to do?!?! Luckily I decided to implement the 5 second rule. I thought to myself “I can’t change it so let’s just get through this”. That thought kept me grounded and helped me get back without freaking out.

At around 10 pm following about 9.5 miles of running, tired and very hungry I arrived back at the resort. Several lessons learned.

Ever feel lost?

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