Snow Fun Weekend

Last weekend we decided to ski Snowmass for the first time this season. Snow fun was on our weekend menu. We had been waiting for better snow conditions. The snow accumulation in most of Colorado has been disappointing to say the least this season. Finally we could wait no longer. We had to check it out and see for ourselves what the conditions were.

Lucky for us we have a friend living near Aspen. A friend was in town to visit her. She invited us to come hang out with them for the weekend. We had a place to stay for FREE! Quick, let’s pack and get on the road! Following an amazing dinner at home with friends we quickly packed food, clothes and ski gear and hit the road.

Bluebird ski day

The next morning we awoke to clear blue sky and sunshine. A perfect bluebird ski day. Secretly we all wished for grey skies, fresh powder with continuing snow fall. Excited to finally do some skiing we piled in the car and drove to the resort. Arriving at the resort we quickly put on our gear and headed to the lifts.

The day was full of fun with friends. We were happily surprised to find decent conditions on the upper parts of the resort. The snow was soft and fairly fresh. YES, we even found untracked powder!

What’s next?

The snow continues to be rather reclusive here in Colorado. Since it isn’t showing up as deep and often as we like we are busy plotting our upcoming adventures elsewhere in search of more of the deep fluffy stuff. We want powder. And we want it deep. Where will we end up? No one knows yet. Jackson Hole? Sun Valley, ID? Utah? Canada?

Stay tuned to see where our ski adventures take us this winter…