Disneyland Adventure

Our family has a tradition for the Thanksgiving holiday. Typically we rent a condo in the mountains of Colorado. We spend time together hanging out, eating good food and of course skiing. This year we decided to mix it up a little. We went to Disneyland!

My husband and I attended the Best Year Ever Blueprint event put on by Hal Elrod the weekend prior to Thanksgiving. The event was in San Diego, CA. We decided it was the perfect opportunity to go to Disneyland and visit my aunt. Convincing grandpa and grandma McCaw to mix it up this year was easy.

Finishing up our event in San Diego we spent Monday and Tuesday working remotely until our daughter along with grandma and grandpa flew in to join us.

MaxPass – A Must Purchase

We had learned from a friend and some research that a MaxPass was a must. It was decided that it was a good idea and we purchased it. The MaxPass is an extra $10/ticket per day. It is worth every penny. The pass allows you to get Fast Pass tickets for rides via the Disneyland app once you are inside the park. You don’t have to go the ride itself to pick up a pass. You can grab passes via the app and watch the app as well to see how long wait times are at each ride. This allows you to strategize to get the most rides in during your day.

Day 1 – Disneyland Adventure

Wednesday came bright and early. Being that we had been up late the night before it came a little too early. Disneyland opens at 8 am. Tickets are not cheap and we wanted to get in as much as we could. Lunch makin’s were procured at a nearby grocery store. We quickly packed lunches into our backpack and drove to Disneyland. Excitement was high as we entered the park.

Mountains of fun!

The first ride of the day was Splash Mountain. All 5 of us piled into the log ride and we were off. The day was already plenty warm and water that splashed us felt great. Our daughter rode in the very front of the ride. The ride starts out very mellow and here and there you get a few little splashes of water. The grand finale is a steep drop that ends with a big splash and lots of water splashing the participants. Fun was had by all and we vowed to ride it again before days end.

Next up was Space Mountain, then the Matterhorn, Thunder Mountain and on and on the list goes. We spent all day on rides and enjoying time together. It was a really fun day. By sundown we all were feeling tired and happy. We stayed around for the fireworks show. From past experience we know how awesome the fireworks show is that they put on. Unfortunately we were very disappointed when they announced that due to high winds at higher elevations they were cancelling the show. Tired and disappointed we drove to our Airbnb with great anticipation of what the next day would bring. The plan was to go to Disneyland California on Thanksgiving Day.

Day 2 – Disneyland California Adventure

Thanksgiving Day came just as early and once again we found ourselves at Disneyland. This time Disneyland California Adventure. None of us had been to this newer park. We were excited to continue our Disneyland Adventure.

Our first ride was the Grizzly River Run. By the time we got in the park it was already hot. It was refreshing to start the day with a water ride and cool off. Next we spotted the Screamin’ California roller coaster. Everyone except grandma was excited to ride it. We stopped at a much calmer ride first and then headed to ride Screamin’ California. Props to grandma for riding it with us that first time!

Screamin’ California was so fun our daughter got off the ride saying “Let’s do that again!”  We rode it again once more and then stopped for a quick lunch. It is awesome in our minds as parents to have a daughter that enjoys rollercoasters as much as we do!

As many rides as we could fit in

We filled our afternoon (literally) with as many rides as possible. Favorites included Soarin’, Radiator Springs Racers, Grizzly River Run, Toy Story Midway Mania, Animation Academy, Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! and the by far the biggest favorite was Screamin’ California. After dinner we saw the wait for Screamin’ California was 5 minutes long. We started doing laps and rode it 7 times in a row with our daughter. She was so excited to ride it again and would run to get back in line each time we got off.

Amazing end to an Awesome Day!

Grandma and Grandpa finally peeled us away from the Screamin’ California ride just in time go find a place to watch the water and lights show. We found a nice place right by the water to watch the show. It was an amazing show that lasted about 20 minutes. Words don’t do justice to describe the show so I will just show you some pictures. Enjoy!

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