Weekend trip chasing snow

We are officially back for more adventures! There has been quite a lull lately for our family and enough is enough. Chasing snow is our family mission for the month of February. We kicked off our chase officially last Friday night.

Last week grand plans were made to leave Grand Junction after work on Friday and drive as far as we could for the night somewhere near Salt Lake City, UT. Friday came and kept coming and changing. When all said and one we finally were on the road that night at 8:30 pm. Ugh… another late night. Oh well, it seems to be our M.O.

Friday night we decided we would drive to Price, UT for the night and then finish our drive to Snowbasin ski resort the next morning. We hadn’t skied at Snowbasin yet and were excited to check it out. The base at Snowbasin wasn’t so great sitting at a base snow total of 41″ and having no new snow in the last 48 hours. Still we were excited to go see what it was like.


Saturday morning we got up a little later than planned. The week had been long and busy and we were tired. Arriving at the parking lot we discovered the temperature to be a little on the warm side, not a good sign at a ski resort. We started skiing about noon, the snow wasn’t great however we had a good time exploring the mountain. We are eager to return again, when they have ALOT MORE snow, particularity POWDER!!

Chasing snow – where to now?

Our first day of a 3 day ski trip ended we headed to our vehicle to decide our next day’s plans. Where to? Do we stay in Utah? Looking at the snow forecast convinced us that Utah wasn’t the place to be at the moment. We checked Wyoming. Ooooooooohhhh! Snow!!! Grand Targhee has a 90″ base and had 5″ fresh powder this morning. Could we? Should we? YES!!!!

Quickly we finished repacking gear and getting ready for our drive to Victor, ID. We were on the road to Grand Targhee!!!

Amazing restaurant find

After a day of skiing we quickly felt hunger pangs as we drove to Grand Targhee. To our delight we found a wonderful cafe/bakery in Pocatello, ID,  Healthier Place to Eat! We enjoyed several items. A falafel platter, sweet potato chips, pizza, tomato soup and peach pie. Everything was vegan and gluten free.The food was amazing and very delicious! We are already planning the next time we can stop in for a meal.


Chasing Snow – We won!

Sunday morning arriving at Grand Targhee we were delighted. They had fresh powder overnight and it was snowing! No, not just snowing, Dumping snow!!! Quickly we put on our ski boots and gear and got our lift tickets. Soon we were on the ski lift to the top of the mountain. Eager to explore the fresh powder. The day was fun filled as we glided through pillows of powder chasing each other down the hill.  I didn’t get any pictures of the ski day as there was quite a bit of fog and it was snowing so hard. Here are a few pictures of the base area and the cool cabin we stayed in Sunday night. Grand Targhee is such a cool resort without the big commercialized feel of so many ski resorts.

Day 2 at Grand Targhee – More fresh powder!

Monday came bright and early. Determined to get some of the fresh powder we arrived much earlier at the resort. Once again it was snowing when we arrived and continued to snow through the morning. We explored all sides of the resort on Monday and found many new amazing areas full of powder to play in. As the day progressed we were rewarded with a view of the ski resort. The dense fog from Sunday finally lifted displaying the beautiful mountains surrounding us. We had a great time making turns down the mountain through the powder. The day quickly passed and it was soon time to hit the road and drive home. We were sad to leave but excited that we found another favorite resort. We will be back!

Stay tuned for more adventures to come.

Winter is at least alive and well in Wyoming!