Jammin' with Brotha James at Best Year Ever Blueprint 2017Make 2018 your best year ever

The last 3 years I have been attending a personal development event in San Diego, CA. The event is Hal Elrod’s Best Year Ever Blueprint. This last weekend was the 2017 event. And it was awesome! We spent the weekend listening to industry experts share their knowledge on growing businesses and setting goals. A lot of time was spent doing experiential learning activities.

Unlike many other events you don’t just sit there for 3 days and take notes. We visualized our future and goals and how we would reach our goals. Also, we took our goals and broke them down into 6 month, 1 month, weekly and daily goals. ImprovHQ came and led us through many exercises we can take back and use to help make our teams more productive and work together better.

A highlight for me was after lunch on Sunday. Each attendee was given a boom stick and we were led as a whole in creating cool rhythms. And if that wasn’t enough the entire weekend was also a fundraiser for the Front Row Foundation. The last total raised that I heard was $228,000!

What is the most important priority in your life?

Reflecting on this past weekend I had one key take away. I need to be fully present in all interactions and relationships I have. Whether I am hanging out with friends, playing with my daughter, spending time with my husband or working with a client I want to be fully engaged in that moment. I want to look back on my life and be able to say that my mind wasn’t elsewhere when communicating with others.

When asked the above question this past weekend my answer was “FAMILY”. It really hit home for me when Hal Elrod shared a realization he’d had. He said that one day he was playing with his son and while playing with him he realized that he wasn’t fully present. He was physically there and playing but mentally he was checked out. This really jarred me.

This is a hard one for me but I have committed to making this change. 2018 is going to be an amazing year and it is all going to start with working to be present in all interactions. I want to fully enjoy each moment in life. Work is not the most important thing in life to me and my goal this year is to make my schedule reflect what I say. In other words I don’t want to just give “left-over Melinda” at the end of the day to my family. Life is too short to just focus on work and growing the business. I am putting money where my mouth is and declaring that I am going to focus on being present and spending a lot more quality time with family and friends.

Make it your best year ever

Now is the time to start setting your goals for 2018 and plan out your path to making it your best year ever. If you need help getting a website build or found online contact us to find out how we can help you reach your goals.