Have you ever wondered what goes on when a designer builds a logo?

I have some answers to your questions about the process in the following fun logo design for the fictitious business Tae Kwon Doughnuts.

First I started by posting on my personal Facebook account to see if anyone had any business ideas that would be fun to design for. I didn’t want to be influenced by my own ideas right from the get-go. After about 6-7 replies I went with an old friends idea for Tae Kwon Doughnuts. Obviously it’s a play on Tae Kwon Do the Korean martial art. So this is where I started my research. I looked into Tae Kwon Do symbols and the first thing to pop up on Google was the Yin Yang Symbol. The Yin Yang immediately looked as though it could be used as a doughnut, but I decided to make sure it had a hole and some frosting and sprinkles. It needs to stay a Yin Yang, but also scream doughnut.  I chose a current type face (font) that looks good in digital and print as well as some appetizing colors for extra presentation.

The Final Product




So that’s pretty much it. It was a relatively quick design due to the nature of how the Yin yang worked with looking like a doughnut. But I can promise that it isn’t always this simple. The visual queues that come to a designer happen at different speeds in every project. Some times it takes hundreds of tiny thumbnails to get layout or an overall composition. Then there is transferring that hand drawn image to the computer by means of shape and pen tools in Adobe Illustrator either free style or over a scanned image of your sketch.